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Let me be a part of your journey

Meditation by the Sea
Family at a Beach
Bridge Over River
Wheat Field

Personal Counseling

Reach Your Full Potential

Feeling stuck, stressed, lonely, depressed or overwhelmed. Let's review your history, discover possible patterns and create opportunities to return you to a place of internal calmness.
* EMDR trained to process traumatic experiences *

Couple and Family Counseling


Feeling disconnected? Unheard or Unappreciated?

Learn to effectively communicate your wants and needs, heal old wounds and foster a supportive environment

* Completed Level 2 Training in Gottman Method Couples Therapy *

Grief Counseling

Tell Your Story

Struggling with the death of a loved one? Dealing with the separation of a relationship?
Let's discuss your loss. Let's explore feelings of sadness, anger, guilt, regret. Identify coping opportunities that may help you to move forward.

Children and Adolescents

Find Their Voice

Emotional, behavioral or social challenges?
With a combination of play and talk therapy, we can build a safe space for them to express themselves fully.

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